We have an incredibly exciting opportunity ahead of us.  The Breast Cancer Foundation has asked us to be a main entertainment act for the Relay For Life 2016 at Rofe Park on 5th November from 10am – 12pm.


Cancer has touched almost everyone on this planet, whether directly or indirectly, and will continue to do so unless we continue these incredible efforts and events to find a cure.

 We would LOVE for as many of us as possible to be involved – that means you PARENTS AND ATHLETES!!!


The athletes will put on the majority of the display but we would absolutely LOVE for the parents to be involved!  So please shoot us an email at  or sign up next time you are in the gym.  Please put down your name and if you would like to participate or just support the display.

With our upcoming involvement in Relay for Life, it is the perfect chance to have a T-Shirt that shows our support for such an amazing cause.


Pre-orders have begun now and will close on 26 October at Close of Business.


This LIMITED EDITION SHIRT will be gone before you know it.  Make sure to pre-order today!  Shirts are only $27 each.


Send in the order form and you will be on your way to an awesome new shirt for training!  Proceeds from sales will go to support the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

This is also a HUGE chance for us to grow our Icon Cheer Family by becoming more involved in the community.  Let’s get out there and literally save the world!